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Bank accounts are getting hacked due to New Kashmir Files WhatsApp scam


WhatsApp users are easy targets for malicious actors. Cybercriminals are using the name of a popular movie to trick WhatsApp users. A new scam has been unearthed where users are being forwarded fake links claiming to offer the popular Kashmir Files movie free of cost. Clicking on this link leaves your phone vulnerable to malware and further attacks.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Noida) Ranvijay Singh has come forward to explain how dangerous this new scam of WhatsApp is. Singh claimed that by clicking on the fake link, users would not get the Kashmir Files movie, but cybercriminals would be able to hack smartphones and even clear bank accounts linked to the phone numbers.

“There is no specific case so far in which the name of the film has been used, but this type of method is being used to hack people’s phones or cheat money,” Singh told PTI.

He claimed that some people lost their savings after clicking on certain links sent on WhatsApp. These links were under the guise of free movie streaming of Kashmir files.

He further added, “Recently, three people with similar complaints of cyber fraud approached the police within a period of 24 hours, in which they combined to have a loss of ₹30 lakh.”

How to stay safe from scams?

According to police personnel, WhatsApp users should avoid clicking on links shared on the app or social media. If the link is shared by an unknown person then it can be an even bigger threat.

Even if such link is shared by a known person, the user should first contact that person to verify whether the link is valid or not.

Kashmir Files is a film based on the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the Valley in the early 1990s. The film has received praise from the likes of PM Narendra Modi among other prominent leaders.

Bank accounts hacked due to WhatsApp scam of New Kashmir Files first appeared on BGR India.


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