Auto Expo 2023: MG Motor India unveils hydrogen fuel-cell powered ‘Unique 7’


MG Motor India has showcased MG Unique 7, a new energy vehicle (NEV) with its third generation hydrogen fuel cell technology. The Chrome P390 fuel cell system built into the multi-purpose vehicle is claimed to have a range of up to 650 km. Speaking at the event, Rajeev Chaba, President and Managing Director, MG Motor India, said, “As the industry continues to explore alternative fuel technologies, we are delighted to showcase the world’s leading hydrogen fuel-cell technology – the Chrome P390 in India. ”

The company said fuel cell vehicles that use hydrogen as fuel have important advantages such as pollution-free, high efficiency, high payload, fast refueling and long battery life, and the Prome P390 system with the Euniq 7 meets these parameters. But promises excellent performance.

The vehicle has zero carbon emissions as it only emits water, but also acts like an air purifier, purifying the air equivalent to what 150 adults breathe in just one hour of driving. In terms of technical specifications, the Prome P390 delivers 92 kW of power with a peak operating efficiency of 60 percent.

It can operate at a maximum of 95°C and cold start at -30°C. The dimensions of the fuel-cell are – 790598820 (mm) with high durability of over 10,000 hours. Furthermore, the Chrome P390 comes with an integrated architecture without external humidification, the company said.

On Wednesday, MG Motor India had announced the next-generation Hector SUV at the Auto Expo 2023, available in five, six and seven-seater configurations with safety features like six airbags and 360-degree HD camera.

The company said that the next-gen Hector comes with several exciting technologies and 11 Autonomous Level 2 (ADAS) features to offer hassle-free driving comfort along with enhanced safety.

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