Ather 450X Gen 4 electric scooter in the works: Here’s what to expect


Ather Energy launched the 450X Gen 3 electric scooter earlier this year, which brought some fundamental upgrades over the previous generation. The company is now working on the Ather 450X Gen 4 electric scooter which will bring better performance and redesigned chassis geometry. Ather Energy has received approval for a new battery pack that could power the next generation of scooters. The certificate reveals the details of the battery pack, such as its power output and design.

spotty The certificate of approval issued by 91Mobiles to Ather Energy lists the upcoming Gen 4 model that will come with a capacity of 3.66kWh and a weight of 22kg. As per the document, this battery pack will deliver a rating of 6.4kW in warp mode, as opposed to the previous rating of 6.2kW on the Gen 3. Sport Mode will crank out 5.8kW of power, Ride Mode will offer 3.2kW of peak power, while Smart Eco Mode and Eco Mode will finally deliver 2.3kW and 1.9kW of peak power.

Ather 450X Gen 4 . new design on

The above motor information is classified as setting 1 and may apply to the X model. There is also a setting 2, showing a low power output for thirty minutes, and it will most likely be tied to the Plus model of the next Ather electric scooter. The Setting 2 also misses out on Warp Mode, which is understandable since the base Plus model is more affordable in terms of both power and price. As stated in the document, the certified ranges for setting 1 and setting 2 are 146 km and 108 km respectively.

A performance bump is expected on the successor to the Ather 450X, but the document also reveals that the battery pack will lead to a change in the chassis geometry of the vehicle. Due to the change in chassis design, the entire look of the upcoming Ather 450X will change, making it look quite different from the previous generation. The dimensions of the Ather 450X Gen 4 could include 4mm more width, 136mm less and 1mm longer length. The 12-inch rims can also be replaced with 10-inch rims in the upcoming electric scooter.

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