Ather 450 Plus, Ather 450X Price Hiked: Check New Cost


Ather Energy is popular among electric scooter enthusiasts. It was one of the first companies to take the bold step of launching a full electric vehicle. The scooters were already priced at a premium when compared to their peers. And now, the Ather 450X and Ather 450 Plus have become a bit expensive.

In Bengaluru, the Ather 450 Plus price has been set at Rs 1,31,647 (ex-showroom) and the Ather 450X at Rs 1,50,657 (ex-showroom). These prices include the Ather Dot or the portable charger. The price hike can be attributed to the cost of the charger, which earlier cost just Re 1, hence almost free. Now, Ather will charge buyers Rs 5,475 for the charger. The overall price also includes the FAME II incentive.

Ather claims that the charger is still on sale with 50 percent off and this discount will be available only to first-time buyers. Over and above the ex-showroom price of the scooter, buyers will have to spend money on insurance, road tax and registration charges. Interested buyers can book their scooter for a price of Rs 2,500.

Different prices in different states

The price of the scooter varies from state to state. Some states like Maharashtra and Gujarat offer huge subsidies on electric scooters, which makes the price quite low. Ather 450 Plus price in Gujarat starts from Rs 1,13,496 (ex-showroom) while Ather 450X price in Gujarat starts at Rs 1,32,506 (ex-showroom). In Maharashtra, the prices are even lower, with the Ather 450 Plus priced at Rs 1,09,626 (ex-showroom) while the Ather 450X priced at Rs 1,28,636 (ex-showroom).

The Ather 450 Plus is a bit weak and offers less range than the Ather 450X. The 450 Plus gets an actual range of 70 km while the Ather 450X comes with an actual range of 85 km. The 450 Plus’s peak power is limited at 5.4kW while the Ather 450X gets 6kW of peak power. Fast charging figures also vary. The base model offers 10 km range in 10 minutes while the Ather 450X provides 15 km in 10 minutes of charge.

After Ather 450 Plus, Ather 450X Price Hiked: Check New Costumes First Appeared on BGR India.

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