As India fast-tracks 5G rollout, US prepares for 6G rollout ahead of China


The US government is drawing up plans for the end-use of 6G networks in hopes of giving Washington a technological edge in the future amid concerns over China’s rapid advances in telecommunications. The White House met Friday with corporate leaders, technology executives and academic experts to develop a strategy for the upcoming 6G network, senior US officials confirmed to multiple news outlets, RT reported.

A government employee said “the administration wants to take the lessons learned from 5G about the importance of early participation and resilience” and use them to develop a 6G network that “optimizes performance, access and security”.

While 6G technology is still in its infancy and likely far from use by the general public, it is expected to be significantly faster than current 5G networks, and dramatically expand high-speed internet access around the world. to do, RT told.

In late 2020, China successfully launched an experimental satellite carrying candidates for potential 6G technology in hopes of verifying the performance of 6G frequency bands in space. RT reported that another administration official noted China’s technological advantage in recent years, namely in the rollout of its own 5G network, has been used by Beijing to advance national security goals and increase its global market share in the telecommunications industry. technology was used.

Huawei is preparing its own rollout of 6G technology and says it hopes to launch the ultra-fast network by 2030. However, the Chinese company is barred from doing business with most countries, including India, where it cannot sell its 5G gear. Thus, the rollout of 6G technologies in India, which recently announced the launch of the first 6G testbed, and the US will depend on the likes of Samsung, Nokia and Ericsson.

– Written with inputs from IANS

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