Artifact, the TikTok-style news app created by Instagram cofounders, is now open to the public


A new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered personalized news feed application created by Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger is now available to everyone with new features. Now anyone can download and use the new application and no waiting lists or phone numbers are required, the Artifact team wrote in a blog post on Wednesday. The application is available for both iOS and Android users.

With the new version of the Artifact application, users can add their contacts and view articles that are popular in their networks. “By adding your contacts, you’ll start seeing articles with a special badge when they’ve been read by at least several of your contacts,” the team said. Artifact is similar to TikTok except it is for news articles instead of videos.

In addition, the company also added another tool to help users visualize their reading history. After reading 10 articles, users will be able to view the most read statistics from their profile. Users will see a thumb-down icon on each article page so they can tell the company “why you don’t like an article or publisher and take action to see more or fewer articles from that publisher”.

Users can also add a phone number to their “Profile” which will save their preferences and history. “Adding a phone number allows you to log in across devices or regain access when you get a new phone,” the team explained.

The waitlist of the app was opened to the public last month.

– Written with inputs from IANS

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