Apple’s upcoming Mac Pro is expected to come with Apple Silicon, PCI-E GPU


Tech giant Apple’s future Mac Pro will reportedly feature Apple silicon and PCI-E graphics processing units (GPUs). One feature that Apple Silicon Macs lack compared to Intel Macs is the option to use Thunderbolt in external enclosures or the GPU internally in the Mac Pro, reports AppleInsider,

Apple may use Apple Silicon in upcoming Mac Pro

Most Mac users may not be concerned about this, but for some, especially Mac Pro buyers, it’s a major problem.

Now, however, a set of four recently discovered patent filings indicate that Apple is at least thinking about this problem.

“Given their increasing computing capabilities, graphics processing units (GPUs) are now being used extensively for large-scale workloads,” the tech giant mentioned in the patent application.

“Application programming interfaces (APIs) such as Metal and OpenCI provide software developers with an interface to access the compute power of GPUs for their applications.”

The iPhone maker also noted that “in recent times, software developers have been moving a substantial portion of their applications to use the GPU.”

The company used the term “Kik” to refer to the type of discrete unit of graphics work that a GPU can perform.

It further mentioned that there is a problem with getting these kicks to the appropriate GPU.

What Apple refers to as a “kickslot”, which appears to be little more than a PCI-E slot, can be used by a graphics card and can be either internal or external to the computer.

“There may be two or more of these that macOS is switching between,” the report said.

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