Apple’s online store launches dedicated support team for small, medium enterprises in India


Apple Store Online has launched a dedicated support team for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in India.

According to the company, it will provide a dedicated business contact center team to advise and support the purchase of Apple hardware, software and services. that work together to give them the power and flexibility to do whatever they need to do.

“Whether you’re a startup, scale-up or running an established business, Apple products and platforms are designed to keep your personal data and company information secure,” the tech giant said.

The Apple team can also provide advice on apps to help SMEs choose from 235,000 apps for people at work.

“Apple products are designed with powerful technology that brings out the best in everyone. Find apps for daily tasks, better customer experience and efficient operations that help your business grow, the company said.

For SMEs, GST invoices are available when making purchases online and over the phone.

SMEs can also now access all the benefits of shopping at Apple Store Online in the country.

“Key security features like hardware-based device encryption can’t be accidentally disabled and Touch ID and Face ID make it easy to secure every device,” Apple said.


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