Apple’s iPhone 13 is available for as low as Rs 52,900 but with conditions


The Apple iPhone 13 is now over six months old, but it is the company’s latest and will remain so until the iPhone 14 arrives later this year. Since the iPhone 13 will soon be an older model, it may get an official price cut around the time of the launch of the next iPhone model. However, if you are planning to buy an iPhone 13 right away, there is one deal you should check out.

The iPhone 13 is currently available for as low as Rs 52,900. Apple Authorized Reseller India, iStore, is selling the iPhone 13 on exchanges with discounts, cashback and bonus offers. But there are a few conditions that you have to meet in order to be able to get the deal. In other words, if you have a certain card and a particular model to trade with, you can buy the iPhone 13 for Rs 52,900. Before I tell you what these terms are, let’s get the basic price and availability details out of our way.

The official price of iPhone 13 is Rs 79,900, but that is the price you will pay only at Apple’s online store. For example, everywhere, there’s going to be some sort of discount. But right now the best deal on iPhone 13 is available on India iStore. However, if you want to get your hands on the green version, you’re out of luck. It is out of stock in store right now. If you’re specifically looking for the green version, you can buy it from the Apple online store, where there aren’t any discounts right now.

iphone 13 discount offer

Now let’s talk about the deal. iPhone 13 128GB is available in stores with a discount of Rs.5000. With this, the price of iPhone 13 has come down to Rs 74,900. But for further exemption you have to fulfill the conditions.

The first condition is that only HDFC card can be used to get cashback of Rs.4,000. It can be a credit card or a debit card issued by HDFC Bank. After deducting the cashback from the discounted price, you will effectively pay Rs 70,900. Now the tricky part is getting a discount on your old phone.

According to the India iStore website, an iPhone XR 64GB in “good condition” qualifies for a price tag of Rs 18,000. That way – by trading in your iPhone XR – you can get an iPhone 13 for less than Rs 52,900. Now, I said tricky because the platform hasn’t defined what “good condition” means here. This may be an iPhone that gets little use. Or, it could be a tool used extensively but without any major disadvantages. It could also be an iPhone that has suffered minor damage but is working fine. The exchange value will be decided based on the condition the company considers your iPhone XR to be in. It may or may not be Rs 18,000, so even though the offer may sound tempting, it does come with certain conditions that you should keep in mind.

India iStore has calculated the price of the iPhone XR 64GB, but it will also accept other models for exchange. This will also affect the exchange price. An iPhone 11 or an iPhone 12 will give you better value, while a model as old as the iPhone 8 will give you a lower exchange value.

— Shubham Verma

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