Apple’s Another Controversy: It has been accused of undermining the iPhone 12 and more

iPhone 12

Apple may soon be in hot water. According to the Spanish Consumer Protection Organization, the company can surprise the performance of the new iPhones. It has been accused of slowing down the performance of several iPhones, including the current flagship: the iPhone 12 has been updated to iOS 14.5, iOS 14.5. 1, or iOS 14.6.

The company (OCU in Spanish) has sent a letter to Apple demanding compensation for the affected users. If Apple fails to do something satisfactory, a lawsuit may soon be pending. See all details here.

Apple is reducing the number of new iPhones

A report from a Spanish website IPhonerose Suggests that iOS 12, iPhone 11, iPhone XS and iPhone 8 have slowed down after the iOS 14.5 update. This has slowly affected the processing speed and the battery, which now drains very quickly.

Other organizations such as Ultroconsomo, Deco Proteste and Test-Achats also took part in it. It is suggested that Deco Protest earlier this year accused Apple of similar reasons. The case in question was the company’s iPhone 6 throttling case filed in 2016.

Speaking of which we hope you remember it. If not here’s a new product just for you! Back in 2016, some iPhone users complained of unexpected shutdowns (iPhone, SS, SS Plus). This is the result of CPU throttling on part of Apple to improve the battery life of the device. This was done through an iOS update.

Apple later accepted it and sent an update to sort out the issue. It has even reduced the cost of battery replacement, paid hefty sums for litigation, and introduced a battery health indicator as a way to compensate people.

At the present time, if this new allegation is proved correct, it could face a lot of things. However, Apple has not yet commented on the matter.

We’ll keep you posted on it, so stay tuned.

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