Apple will soon implement new App Store rules to delete app accounts: Report

Apple to soon enforce new App Store rules to streamline app account deletion: Report

Apple will soon begin implementing a new App Store rule that will also provide in-app deletion options for the titles of account creation tools. Cupertino has informed tech giant developers and shared details in an update on Apple’s developer website.

Apple App Store Guidelines 5.1.1 indicate that apps with the ability to create accounts must give users the option to delete the account specified in the app. Apple Insider Report

“If your app doesn’t include significant account-based features, let people use it without a login. If your app supports creating an account, you must offer to delete the account within the app, ”the guide said.

The new App Store rule should reduce heavy account deletion features that in some cases are designed to retain user information, the report said. For some apps, account holders have to fill out a request form on an external website or contact a customer service representative.

Apple urges developers to review relevant legislation that may require certain types of data storage. As usual, the company asked app developers to clearly explain what kind of information the apps collect, how they collect it, how it is used, and how it is stored. Other data-related practices are explained in the App Store Guide.

The iPhone maker introduced Guideline 5.1.1 at the World Developers Conference in June, and the rule was due to take effect on January 31, 2022.

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