Apple Watch Series 8 review: The best smartwatch money can buy


let’s face it; The smartwatch industry hasn’t grown as much as we expected in recent years. Sure, there are some great smartwatches on the market, but they haven’t exactly been flying off the shelves. However, things may soon change. Apple recently launched its new Watch Series 8 with several new features that could potentially make this device a game changer in the smartwatch industry.

There is no doubt that Apple’s smartwatches have been dominating the market for some time now. The first generation of Apple Watches was a success, and it seems that the company’s strategy of constantly improving and updating its devices will keep users hooked to them for some time. This article discusses everything you need to know about the Apple Watch Series 8, so if you’re thinking about buying one or waiting for other options before making your final decision, keep reading. !

What’s new in Apple Watch Series 8?

The Apple Watch Series 8 has some new features that were not present in the previous versions. Highlights of these include:

• More innovative performances: The display on the Apple Watch Series 8 is a certified IP6X dust-resistant, always-on-edge-to-edge display. Even though the dimensions are the same as its predecessor (not that anyone is complaining), the Series 8 comes with a slightly curved screen and new watch face options, including “Astronomy,” “Lunar,” “Metropolitan,” and “Astronomy.” Modular”. ,

• Best in Category Fitness Features: The Series 8 has more fitness tracking capabilities than the Series 7. It comes with built-in temperature sensing for deeper insight into women’s health, sleep stages to better understand your sleep, crash detection to get help in emergencies, and an advanced workout app.

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Why is the Apple Watch Series 8 a game changer?

If you have used or seen the Series 7 Apple Watch, you may not be able to notice the difference between the two devices. However, if you have used any other smartwatch, you would know the difference between a good and a bad smartwatch. The Series 8 Apple Watch is a game-changer in the smartwatch industry for a number of reasons.

Firstly, Apple has introduced crash detection feature in the new Watch Series 8. It can detect impact automatically with the help of a built-in sensor fusion algorithm that uses a new gyroscope, an accelerometer with the highest dynamic range in any smartwatch and other sensor. How to determine if you have been in a car accident.
This important feature can automatically call for help. If necessary, your emergency contact will be notified, and you will receive a call from emergency responders immediately.

Additionally, one of the most significant improvements to the Watch 8 is the ability to monitor changes in body temperature while you sleep, using a dual-sensor setup for more accurate readings. The Series 8 can use your body temperature data to determine when a woman last ovulated, if you have had a period.

watchOS 9 offers you much more when it comes to fitness. Its advanced health monitoring capabilities go well with the new Workout app which is more feature-rich than ever. The watch shows more information about your heart health and sleep quality and has a new medicine app to boot.

What I liked about the Series 8 is that the display allows you to view and track more fitness data as you exercise. Simply flip the Digital Crown to get a new view of statistics, including activity rings, heart rate zones, power and altitude.

I used an Apple Watch Series 8 to keep track of my physical activity during my most recent cycling ride. It goes without saying that the watch captured the data accurately.

The Apple Watch Series 8 remains my preferred choice because of these improvements, in addition to an already unmatched user experience and app diversity that is further enhanced by watchOS 9.

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design and performance

The Series 8 is available in Midnight, Starlight, Silver and Product Red colours. It looks like Apple has moved away from the Green and Blue shades of the Series 7 for good. The 1.6- or 1.9-inch display, which varies in size depending on which casing you choose, is a key feature of the Series 8 design. Although the dimensions are the same, it still surprises for its slim bezels, vibrant colors, and an exceptional peak brightness of 1,000 nits, which makes it easy to use even under strong direct sunlight.

Additionally, it has Apple’s Always-On Display technology, which continuously displays a dimmed version of the watch face. Still it’s useful to be able to quickly check the time or weather without having to press the display to wake it.

The Digital Crown feels amazing in your hands as you scroll through menus or notifications. To switch between apps or launch an app, you can simply press the side button below it. Apple’s band system is one of the simplest to use when you’re ready to put in a new watch band. The Series 8 is still sticking to the 41mm and 45mm case sizes, which means your old bands can be used in a new watch, depending on which model they’re designed for.

Battery life and performance

The test shows about 18 hours of use provided by the battery, which is the same as the Series 7. You’ll comfortably go through the day, and if you forgot to charge it overnight or didn’t charge it at all, you could be left with 10-20% the next morning, although, as always, the last 10 % goes faster if you have sleep monitoring turned on.

Thanks to the dual-core S8 CPU, performance is really fast; Siri is also much faster now than before. All the apps perform flawlessly, and you can fool around with your watch without any worries.

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The Apple Watch Series 8 is more of an update than an upgrade over its predecessor, with a starting price of Rs 45,900. But it is definitely worth buying. Apple has made incredible strides in healthcare and fitness features with its Watch series. Personally, I like the idea behind the temperature sensor function and its use for tracking menstrual cycles and ovulation dates.

With new features like temperature sensing and crash detection, improved display, substantial sensor adjustments, and the new watchOS 9, the Apple Watch Series 8 is a wise buy for Apple fans, and especially Watch Series 4 users. Series 5, Series 6 and SE for those looking to upgrade.

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