Apple the only brand to see an increase in shipments in the last quarter, India business is booming


Apple has emerged as the only brand to register growth in smartphone shipments globally since last year. According to the latest data from Counterpoint Research, Apple registered a 2 percent increase in iPhone shipments in the third quarter of this year compared to the same quarter last year. Although small, it is a win for Apple, which managed to buck the impact of the global economic slowdown and component supply constraints that forced overall global smartphone shipments to decline significantly.

Data from Counterpoint Research showed that global smartphone shipments declined to 301.0 million units in Q3 2022 from 342.0 million units in Q3 2021, representing a decline of 12 percent. However, the third quarter of this year was better than the previous quarter, during which global smartphone shipments declined by 295 million. Barring Apple, other brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi (including POCO), Oppo (including OnePlus) and Vivo reported a year-on-year decline in their global shipments. Oppo and Vivo recorded the biggest decline of 23 per cent.

Apple, on the other hand, managed to emerge from the unresolved issues. Not only did it ship more than 48 million iPhone units, representing a 2 percent increase, but it also reported net sales of $42.6 billion at the end of the September quarter, a 10 percent year-over-year increase. represents. While iPhone sales made up the majority of total sales, Apple’s Mac business grew 25 percent year-over-year to $11.5 billion, driven by bumper sales of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models.

India sales

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who was speaking at the company’s earnings conference on October 27, the iPhone maker saw double-digit growth in revenue generated in emerging markets, including India. Apple Chief Financial Officer Lucas Maestri said India posted an all-time revenue record for iPhone sales during the quarter ended September 24. While Apple’s share in India’s smartphone market is still not as large as that of the Android brand, sales growth is driven by Apple’s improved presence in India’s offline and online markets, as well as festive season discounts on third-party reseller platforms. .

After Apple as the only brand to see an increase in shipments in the last quarter, the uptick in India business was the first to be seen on BGR India.

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