Apple supplier Foxconn plant to make iPhone 12 in India to remain closed for 3 more days


Apple supplier Foxconn has been making headlines over the past few days for reasons both good and bad. The manufacturing plant of iPhone 12 was almost completely closed last week due to the recent food poisoning incident. According to the new report coming from ReutersThe Foxconn plant near Chennai will remain closed for three more days.

Earlier in December, hundreds of workers at the Foxconn plant were hospitalized after suffering severe food poisoning. According to reports, the food poisoning took place in Foxconn’s dormitory, where most of the employees live.

As per the earlier notice, the plant was to be shut from December 16 and December 27, but the date of inauguration has been extended and the plant will now start functioning from December 30.

The report further states that the plant will start production on December 30 with 1,000 workers. Notably, Apple makes 70 percent of iPhone models sold locally in India, of which the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 are produced at the Foxconn plant.

A police official from the office of the Superintendent of Police in Kancheepuram, a district in Tamil Nadu, said the decision has been taken by the management to suspend activities at the plant for three more days. The official further said that the workers have been asked to register with the state labor ministry all the problems faced by them at the plant – ranging from food poisoning to others.

This is not the first time we have seen instances of unrest at the iPhone-maker’s plant in the country.

In December 2020, at a Wistron factory near Bengaluru, workers incurred a loss of over Rs 437 crore for non-payment of remuneration paid to contract workers.

At the time, Apple investigated the matter and said that the company is “dedicated to ensuring everyone in our supply chain is treated with dignity and respect. We have teams on the ground and immediately launched a detailed investigation. We’re looking forward to additional Apple.” Sending team members and auditors to the facility as well.”

The company has not issued any official statement on the matter related to Foxconn and the incidents happening at the plant.

Apple supplier Foxconn plant that makes iPhone 12 in India will be closed for 3 more days, first appeared on BGR India.

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