Apple shares interesting iOS 16 trick that will have you mastering your photo-editing skills


Apple rolled out iOS 16 a few weeks ago to upgrade eligible iPhone models with new features, such as a new lock screen, haptics for keyboard presses, and live activities letting you know the status of your Swiggy orders on the lock screen. Lets give things. These features, above a few others, made it to the Keynote, but there are many other features that only a few users are probably aware of. Apple has now mentioned one of these lesser known features in the latest tweet. This is one trick that will let you hone your photo-editing skills effectively.

iOS 16 has a cool tool that will protect your edits from one photo and allow you to use it on other photos without needing to go through the whole editing process. In simple words, when you edit a photo on iOS 16, you can save your edits and use them on other photos as many times as you want. This saves you effort as well as time when you have to edit more than one photo in the same way.

“Easily apply the same edit to multiple photos. Just copy and paste.” Apple said this through its support account on Twitter. It also explained the process, which is quite simple.

How to Copy and Paste iOS 16 Photo Edit

In the Photos app, when you’ve edited a photo and want to apply the same edit to another photo, tap the three dots in the upper right corner. In the list, you will see the option “Copy Editing”. Tap it to copy the edits you made to the current photo. Now, to apply the same edit to a different photo, open it in the Photos app. Tap on the three dots again. Now you will see the option of “Paste Edits”. Tap it to apply all edits to a new photo.

Your editing can be anything – from high brightness and low contrast levels to high sharpness. But since each photo has a different composition, a similar set of edits may or may not look as good on a new photo as it did on a previous one.

Apple shares interesting iOS 16 trick that will make you master your photo-editing skills, first appeared on BGR India.

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