Apple Reportedly Postpones Mixed Reality Headset Release to WWDC 2023: All You Need to Know


It’s now clear that Apple’s major focus for the year is the long-pending Mixed Reality headset. The much-hyped AR/VR headset by Apple was earlier said to launch in April this year. However, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has revealed That Apple is pushing the release to June.

Apple Mixed Reality headset launch pushed forward to June

We all know what Apple does in June. The World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) is likely to be held in June like every year, and the major takeaways from the expo will be for developers. But this year, Apple’s focus may turn to its flagship announcement—the Mixed Reality headset.

Apple has reportedly decided to set back the initial release timeline due to both hardware and software issues. It appears that after Apple fixes the remaining issues on the headset, it will finally be announced at WWDC 2023 – where Apple will open up developers to build apps for the headset.

As before, there is a contingency here. So if Apple decides, the headset release plans may change again.

What to expect from Apple’s Mixed Reality headset?

For starters, Apple’s Mixed Reality headset will be a mix of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). This is the reason why Mixed Reality Headset is also known as Apple AR/VR Headset. However, the final moniker of the headset could be completely different.

The Mixed Reality headset will boot on the same operating system as the smartphone. Internally, the headset’s operating system is called xrOS. The OS will offer several features such as a 3D-like view of an iPhone interface including Apple ecosystem apps such as Messages, Safari, TV, Mail and others.

Basically, everything you do on your iPhone will apparently trickle down to the headset. That said, the headset will have its own chipset to power the system. It is expected to be powered by the Mac-grade M2 ​​chip. It will have a pair of 4K virtual reality displays for your two eyes and multiple cameras for an augmented reality experience.

After the release of the headset, Apple is said to announce another such device, but lighter and cheaper. Considering the hefty price tag of the Mixed Reality headset, it might not be for everyone.

That said, another device – the Apple AR glasses – will also make its debut next year. According to Gurman, this piece of technology will be lighter and ‘less cumbersome’.

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