Apple ready to sell ad space for TV+ by 2023: Report


Tech giant Apple is reportedly in discussions with media agency and network executives about the possibility of selling ad space on its Apple TV+ streaming service, perhaps as early as next year.

Todd Teresi, the tech giant’s head of advertising, has held meetings with company executives to sell video ad space, citing Digiday. MacRumors informed of.

Maybe Apple TV+ . selling ad space

Citing an unnamed source, the report claims that Apple has not asked an agency’s network to set aside client dollars in the fourth quarter, suggesting that ad timing could be available as early as 2023. .

Apple is expanding its advertising to more apps and services, aiming to triple its ad revenue to $4 billion a year, according to the report, and Apple executives see TV+ as untapped potential.

Currently, the company’s ad spots span the iPhone, iPad, and Mac for display ads in its News and Stocks apps, as well as apps in the App Store.

The report states that Apple already generates revenue on Apple TV+ with commercials during the MLB Friday Night Baseball stream, although those spots are sold by MLB.

In 2023, it will be the exclusive home of Major League Soccer for the next 10 years, with advertising space and sponsorship deals shared by both Apple and MLS.

In May, it was reported that Apple Senior Vice President Eddie Q had restructured the services’ management to focus more on streaming and advertising.

As for the unversed, Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso set to launch an ad-tier for users by the end of this year. This was done this year after seeing a major drop in its revenue for the first time in a decade. This ad level will include a huge library. However, the streaming platform may not show ads for select original films and certain children’s shows. Audiences may not see ads when the original films were first released. This will work in favor of filmmakers who do not want their high budget films to be ruined by advertisements.

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