Apple patents Magic Keyboard with integrated Mac


Apple has filed a patent for a new computer concept: a magic keyboard with a full blown computer inside! Not only this, this keyboard can also come with a trackpad to avoid having to move the mouse. Patent was filed here USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) Back in August 2020, Reported Patent Apple. This concept can compete with desktops and laptops.

This concept will be a standalone device with no cord or cable required. Notably, users will need to bring their own display into the setup. According to the patent, “A strong demand for portable computing devices that also provide high performance has driven miniaturization and reduction in the size of the heavy computing components used to get the devices up and running.”

According to the patent, the input device will have components such as “processor, battery, memory, integrated circuit” so that all users need to do is connect it to a display. The keyboard can be folded to make it even more portable. It also uses heat-conductive materials to dissipate the heat generated by the device.

The Apple patent shows several hardware configurations. As of now, there is no confirmation on whether it will actually be launched by the company or not.

For the unversed, Apple is expected to launch a 13-inch MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, 24-inch iMac, and a redesigned MacBook Air, all of which are powered by the upcoming M2 chip. The company can launch the new Mac in March and May and June. Additionally, Apple is expected to launch a 5G iPhone SE, 5G iPad Air, and a new Mac on March 8. In March, the tech giant may also release the iOS 15.4 update, which is expected to come with face mask-friendly Face ID. , a new Apple Pay tap-to-pay feature, new emoji and Universal Controls, which let you control multiple iPads and Macs.

First appeared on BGR India after Apple patented the Magic Keyboard with integrated Mac.

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