Apple Music may soon be released on PlayStation 5: Report

Sony sold over 10 million PlayStation 5 units; now among the fastest selling game consoles

The PlayStation has been keeping the Spotify app on its platform for a long time and it has become one for those users who want to stream songs. According to a new report from iMore, Apple Music is also coming to the platform and it will be available for PS5 soon. According to the report, some users noticed that the app was given to them when they created a new US-based PS5 account. However, it cannot be installed.

On Apple Music Subredit, a Reddit user posted a picture showing himself being given the feature to install the Apple Music app on his PS5. However, when the user attempted to do so, the following error message appeared: “This application can only run on PS4.”

Although PS5 users still can’t download Apple Music to their consoles, reports suggest that Sony will be making the app available soon.

The Apple Music service is already available on several other devices, including the Samsung Smart TV, Google Next and Android.

In India, the normal version of the PlayStation 5 is priced at Rs 49,990 and the digital version at Rs 39,990.

The PS5 digital version is virtually identical to the PS5, with the same processing capabilities as the disk drive-equipped version.

In its latest earnings report, the company revealed that the PlayStation Plus has 47.7 million subscribers worldwide, an increase of 14.7 percent (year-on-year).

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