Apple may start manufacturing iPhone 13 in India from April


Apple is expected to start production of the iPhone 13 model in India from next month. Manufacturing will begin from April at the Foxconn plant in Sriperumbudur, near Chennai, India business standard, Reportedly, the process was supposed to begin in January itself, but was delayed as workers complained about working conditions at the facility. At present, the Sriperumbudur plant employs about 17,000 people and operates in three shifts.

As per the report, the manufactured models will go on sale in the domestic and international markets. The report said, “The phones will be for both the domestic and export markets. Production of the iPhone 13 at the Chennai plant was to begin in January, but was forced by Apple to suspend production after protests in December by female workers about food poisoning.” After that it had to be postponed.

According to previous reports, in December 2021, hundreds of workers at the Foxconn plant were hospitalized after suffering severe food poisoning. The food poisoning occurred in Foxconn’s dormitory, where most of the employees lived. a Reuters The report also revealed that workers were forced to live in dormitories without proper supply of water in toilets. As per reports, these workers had to sleep on the floor in rooms shared by between six and 30 women. Following the food poisoning incident, Apple announced a temporary suspension of iPhone production at Foxconn.

To this, Foxconn later responded with a statement, “We are working on a series of improvements to fix the issues found at offsite hostel facilities in Sriperumbudur and enhance the services we provide to our employees.” We have implemented a series of corrective actions to ensure this doesn’t happen again and have a rigorous monitoring system in place to ensure workers can raise any concerns they may have, including anonymity .

Notably, it is not yet revealed what proportion of the phones manufactured will be exported to international markets.

Apple may start manufacturing the iPhone 13 in India from April, first appeared on BGR India.

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