Apple may soon allow iPhone users to type in rain underwater: See details


Apple is likely to launch a new iPhone that will come with a water-resistant construction, so will be usable in the rain. Apple has acquired a patent which suggests that it will soon introduce new features which include Wait Mode. In this mode, users will be able to type even when there are water droplets on the display.

According to a patent filed by Apple, the iPhone will soon be able to detect changes in the environment by adjusting the touch sensitivity of the display.

Apple iPhone users will soon be able to type in the rain

The patent, filed by Apple at the US Patent and Trademark Office, is titled “Modifying the Functionality of an Electronic Device During a Moisture Exposure Event.” The iPhone will use in-built humidity and pressure sensors to detect changes in the environment. It is expected that the iPhone can accept commands when the input is touched with a certain amount of pressure. This will avoid accidental touch inputs like raindrops. Apple calls this a “false tap”.

According to the patent filed, “Electronic equipment may include a moisture detector capable of detecting the amount of moisture present on the protective cover, where, when the moisture content exceeds a threshold, the processor will state the touch event.” Determines based on the detection signal provided by the capacitance detector and the applied force detector.”

The patent further suggests that these tactile responses will be classified into three modes: wet, dry and underwater.

There is also mention of the underwater mode which enables the iPhone to change the UI in such a way that it is easier to use underwater. This mode can be enabled when shooting video or clicking pictures underwater. It also adjusts display brightness, white balance, ISO sensitivity and camera clarity.

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