Apple may roll out the iOS 14.7 update with the release of all published notes

iOS 14.7 update could rollout soon as Apple reveals all release notes

We’ve all seen iOS 15 and it promises a more personal and connected iPhone experience. However, before iOS 15 arrives on your iPhone in September, Apple plans a final big update for the older iOS 14 The iOS 14.7 update has been in beta testing for some time and based on Apple’s recent activities it appears that this patch will be released to the public soon. .

Unlike the iOS 15 update, iOS 14.7 does not bring major epoch-making features to the table. Instead, it fixes bugs and issues with most previous versions of iOS 14. It fixes the problem of disconnection with the popular Wi-Fi as well as fixes with new lossless audio playback in Apple Music. In addition, Apple is adding support for the new Magsafi battery pack in the iPhone 12 series.

IOS 14.7 update may be released soon

If you’ve been bothered by any bugs in the previous build of iOS 14.6 and want a quick next update, here are the release notes from Apple.

– MagSafe Battery Pack Support for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max

– Apple Card family adds the option to consolidate credit limits and share a co-owned account with an existing card user

– Adds the ability to manage home application timers

– Air quality data is now available on weather and maps in Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea and Spain.

– The Podcast Library allows you to select all shows or just follow shows

– Share the missing playlist menu option in Apple Music

– Dolby Atoms and music lossless audio playback may stop unexpectedly

– The battery service message has disappeared after some iPhone 11 models were restarted

– Braille displays may display invalid information when composing mail messages

With iOS 14.7 Apple will shorten the iOS 14 development cycle and move on to the iOS 15 update. Of course, if the public version has bugs or issues, Apple will release solutions in patch form on iOS 14.7.

IOS 15 is expected to be released at the same time in 2021 as the next generation of iPhones. Called the iPhone 12S, or iPhone 13 (possibly the next), this year’s model is expected to make a drastic change to the display, both the Standard and Pro models. The design is expected to make some changes to the vanilla versions as well.

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