Apple may be working on macOS exclusively for the iPad Pro M2


Apple has recently launched its most powerful iPad model. The new iPad Pro is powered by the M2 chip, making it as powerful as the MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro. It’s essentially a laptop in the form of a tablet, which experts believe is held back by software. But a tipster has now claimed that Apple is working on a special version of macOS specifically for the iPad Pro M2 so that users can use it to its full potential.

According to tipster Majin Bu, the iPad Pro M2 may receive a “smaller” version of macOS that is currently being tested. This macOS version is codenamed Mendocino and will probably be released next year as macOS 14. Testing includes a 25 percent larger macOS UI for touchscreens as none of the MacBooks support touchscreen displays. However, apps on the macOS version will still be optimized for the iPad, not the Mac.

From what Boo has said, it looks like the smaller macOS version that will be exclusive to the iPad Pro M2 will include cosmetic changes. So, this defeats the purpose as those struggling for macOS on the iPad require a change in terms of software, not interface. But it’s hard to tell whether the macOS version is currently under testing.

what to make of it

Rumors about macOS on the iPad have been around for a long time. Apple also has some iPads versions of macOS for internal testing. But so far none of these have come into effect. It’s also possible that the iPad the tipster viewed is part of an internal test and the macOS version seen running is in debug state rather than operating system.

Another possibility could be a completely modified iPadOS instead of macOS for the iPad model. Apple may be working on an improved version of iPadOS that borrows some macOS features while being optimized for tablets. To make multitasking easier, Apple has introduced the Stage Manager feature on iPadOS 16 as well as macOS Ventura. But this is not the main demand. iPad users are requesting Apple to expand the software so that apps like Final Cut Pro can run smoothly on the iPad. And that makes sense because Apple is bumping the performance of the iPad to nearly match that of the MacBook.

Apple may be working on an iPad Pro M2 exclusive to macOS, this first appeared on BGR India.

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