Apple Maps, Weather app labels Crimea under Ukraine


Apple users may notice a small difference in their world map if they are viewing it from outside Russia. The US tech giant has now declared Crimea as part of Ukraine. Prior to this change, Crimea was not labeled under any country. Weather app is also complying with this new change. This step has been taken amid the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

Until 2014, the Crimean peninsula belonged to Ukraine. The Russian army moved into Crimea in 2014 and established a pro-Russian government. Russian President Vladimir Putin later established an elaborate presence of the country’s military in Crimea. The UN General Assembly did not recognize the Crimean peninsula as part of Russia.

Neither Google Maps nor Apple Maps labeled Crimea under Ukraine or Russia. In 2019, Moscow asked Apple to show the region under Russian territory, at least within Russia. The American company complied. Now, three years later, Apple has decided to re-label Crimea under the label Ukraine. It also established the Company’s inclination towards Ukraine in the Russo-Ukrainian War.

Google has not made any changes to its Maps yet. However, the company removed a feature from the Maps application to help Ukrainian citizens against Russian aggression. The company recently removed indicators that show how busy an area is. This feature can easily be used to locate pockets of people hiding from Russian invading forces. Even Alphabet Inc.’s other assets such as YouTube have downgraded Russian state media and removed the option to monetize videos.

Apple Maps, Weather app label Crimea Under Ukraine first appeared on BGR India.

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