Apple lays off small number of corporate employees: report


Apple is reportedly laying off a percentage of people from one of its corporate teams amid a deepening global recession.

According to an Insider report, Apple has told some corporate retail employees to reapply for their jobs or they will be fired.

Reports say that Apple is slashing jobs in the division that “handles the construction and maintenance of its retail stores”.

The affected employees have reportedly been told they have until the end of the week to apply for other positions at the company.

“Apple is offering up to four months’ pay for those who are not able to stay,” the report said.

Internally, the iPhone maker is “pitching this as a way to improve its operations rather than a cost-cutting measure”.

Apple is the only big tech company that hasn’t had any massive layoffs so far amid the global economic downturn.

The company’s CEO told The Wall Street Journal that the layoffs were “a last resort”.

“We anticipated that we would hit a supply shortage on the iPhone. The macroeconomic situation is more difficult to gauge, but it is clear from looking at the numbers that the wind was in our face for the quarter,” he was quoted as saying in the report.

Cook said the company is pursuing cost management very tightly and has cut hiring in some areas, while continuing to recruit in others.

“I view layoffs as a last resort,” he said.

The company has slowed hiring in some departments, delayed bonuses, reduced travel budgets, pushed back projects, and taken other such cost-cutting measures.


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