Apple just confirmed new Macs are coming to WWDC 2023


Apple may be preparing to launch new Macs in the coming months. Several rumors suggest that new MacBook and Mac models are on the way, and some may appear at the company’s upcoming WWDC. Now, ahead of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, the company has inadvertently confirmed the existence of new Macs and that they’re coming soon.

Nicolas Alvarez, a developer, saw examples of at least three new Mac models in the configuration file of Apple’s Find My Network. The developer said that these Mac devices may be in the list of devices where “You left your device behind” is not turned on. This means that these devices may not have the ability to signal the user if they are left behind. In other words, these devices can be left behind, just like desktop computers.

The three unannounced Macs are Mac14,8, Mac14,13 and Mac14,14, but there’s no way to tell which is which. Earlier reports suggested that a Mac Studio, a new iMac, and a Mac Pro could be in the offing. Regardless, all three Mac models listed are not compatible with Find My’s Left Behind feature, so they definitely aren’t MacBooks.

These names also point to the Apple M2 chip. Any Mac using the M2 chip is identified as ‘Mac14,x’. For example, a Mac mini with an M2 chip is identified as a Mac14,3 while a Mac mini with an M2 Pro is identified as a Mac14,12. This indicates that the upcoming Mac models will also be powered by the M2 chip. This confirms previous reports that some upcoming Mac models will come with the M2. But in some cases, the same Mac model may have different identifiers. This means that the above Macs could either be three different Macs or just three different versions of the same Mac.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple may release the next iMac with an M3 chip instead of an M2. So that removes the iMac from the list. If we go by this rumour, the identifier could be related to the Mac Studio or Mac Pro. But another report narrows it down further. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said earlier this week that Apple could ditch the M2 chip for the Mac Studio, without specifying which one the company is likely to go for. So, if Mac Studio is not coming with M2, then only Mac Pro is left.

For what it’s worth, there are one, if not three, new Macs planned, and Apple is preparing to announce it at the upcoming WWDC 2023.

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