Apple iPhone 15 Ultra: Specifications and all other expectations


Apple’s next year’s iPhone lineup may look a little different. No, if the rumors are to be believed, there are still going to be four devices, but with slight changes. The top-end Pro Max iPhone is likely to be replaced by the Ultra iPhone. And that iPhone will be much more than the current Pro Max device. Rumors suggest that next year Apple will launch the iPhone 15 Ultra apart from other devices in the lineup. The iPhone 15 Ultra will be a high-end phone with many advanced features.

Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Told Apple iPhone 15 Ultra will be the first device to feature a USB-C port as the company recently agreed to comply with the European Commission’s mandate to standardize a common charging port for all electronic gadgets. India is considering a uniform norm for devices sold in the country, so the pressure on Apple to bring USB-C ports to its iPhones only grows. It seems possible next year, but still some caveats.

We tell you all the features of the iPhone 15 Ultra.

iPhone 15 Ultra Latest Rumors

Continuing with the part teasing the possibility of a USB-C port, the iPhone 15 Ultra may get rid of the proprietary Lightning connector for users, but at some cost. Since the iPhone 15 Ultra will be a high-end phone, you will pay more for it than any other model in the series. So, technically, a USB-C port will be a premium feature on the iPhone, and it will be for at least a few years. The USB-C port is expected to bring faster battery charging via the USB 3.2 or Thunderbolt 3 standard – thus Apple will try to justify the premium price of the iPhone 15 Ultra.

And even though Apple has reluctantly agreed to comply with the law, it is expected to bring only USB-C ports. This means that the iPhone maker will be in no rush to completely eliminate its long-standing Lightning connector. It’s nearly impossible to do because a large suite of Apple devices use Lightning ports for wired charging, so the Lightning connector isn’t going away anytime soon. Furthermore, the European Union mandates that the law for a common charging port requires electronics manufacturers to bring USB-C ports to their devices by 2024 at the latest. That means Apple still has a year to fully comply, so the 2023 iPhone lineup may just be there. a dry run.

Not just the charging port, the iPhone 15 Ultra may come with a new rear design. According to ShrimpAppleProThe iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Ultra may come with rounded back panels instead of the flat back panels that you see on the current models. Hence, the iPhone 15 Ultra may look somewhat like the iPhone 5C without the plastic. Kuo also suggested that the iPhone 15 Ultra could come with solid-state buttons, eliminating mechanical button movements and leaning into haptic feedback for navigation. Apple’s iPhone 7 first introduced solid-state buttons.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg Told Apple’s plan to use its own modem for the iPhone may not come to fruition next year. Hence, the iPhone maker will lean towards using Qualcomm’s 5G modem on the iPhone 15 Ultra. This means that there is no change in terms of how customers will be able to connect to 5G on their future iPhone models. Apple’s own 5G model is highly anticipated, but I see no reason why Qualcomm’s modem would mean any less to customers.

Kuo also mentioned that the cameras on the iPhone 15 Ultra will be much better than the current cameras on the Pro Max models. An earlier rumor suggested that the iPhone 15 series would use an 8P lens for the main camera, but Kuo later dismissed that rumour. Apple recently moved to the 7P Element lens for the iPhone 14 Pro, so that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. Nonetheless, the iPhone 15 Ultra will still bring camera improvements, details of which are scarce for now. The iPhone 15 Ultra is also likely to pack more RAM.

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