Apple Health report explains how Apple Watch, Health app is improving lives since launch


Apple on Wednesday shared a report that outlines the progress it has made in introducing new personal health and fitness-focused features that integrate with traditional health systems. Report titled ‘Empowering people’
To Live a Healthy Day offers a comprehensive look at its vision for health-focused markets in the eight years since it began releasing health-focused features such as medical records storage systems on iPhones.

While much of the report focuses on the company’s Apple Watch — a device that is at the heart of Apple’s health care efforts — it also talks about the company’s other efforts, such as its health and fitness apps and studies conducted in partnership with it. does. Health care professionals and educational institutions to better understand the scope of various diseases.

Apple said that there are two sections in its report. The first section focuses on the company’s personal health and fitness features on the Apple Watch and iPhone that provide actionable insights and help protect users’ health and safety. On the other hand, the second section shares details about the work that Apple has done with the medical community to support research and care.

“We passionately believe that technology can play a role in improving health outcomes and encouraging people to live a healthier day, and we are seeing users benefit from our health and fitness facilities in many ways, and thirdly We are excited by the ways developers, institutions, and organizations are using Apple technology to advance health and science,” Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams said in announcing the report.

In its report, Apple said that users can now store more than 150 different types of health data from Apple Watch, iPhone and connected third-party apps and devices, in addition to health record data available from connected institutions in the US, UK and . Canada. They can also choose to share certain types of this health data with their loved ones.

Similarly, talking about its Health app, the company said that in the Trends in Health and Fitness app users can view reports on trend analysis for 20 types of data, ranging from resting heart rate to sleep to cardio. Including fitness. The company also said that the trends can highlight significant changes in the types of health data in a way that is easier to understand.

Here’s an overview of the health and fitness features on Apple Watch and iPhones:

apple health report

Talking about the future, Apple in its report said that with iOS 16 and watchOS 9 releasing in the fall this year, Apple Watch and iPhone will offer features that focus on 17 areas of health and fitness, From heart health to sleep, women’s health, mobility, and more. The company also said that these features will be available in around 200 countries and territories and will provide users with high quality data collected day and night and meaningful insights into their health.

The company wrote in a release, “Apple believes that providing individuals with insight into their health and fitness empowers them to set and stick to personal health goals and, when necessary, enable them to manage their receive guidance and care from medical providers.” You can check its detailed findings Here,

The aftermath of the Apple Health report details how the Apple Watch, the Health app, is improving lives since it was first launched on BGR India.

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