Apple has asked the court to stay part of the Epic Games lawsuit

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In the latest set of ongoing Apple and Epic Games lawsuits, Cupertino technology company told the court that it was complying with part of an order received after the Epic Games App Store trial because the company was trying to delay the implementation of another. Elements of governance.

Following the September ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Evan Gonzalez Rogers in the Epic-Apple case, Apple appealed and sought a stay on the ban in early October, according to AppleInsider. In a new filing to the court, Apple has said that some of what the court has said has been done, but still wants to stick to the rest.

These changes include updating anti-steering provisions in its developer guidelines, interacting with users, and giving users more flexibility in alternative advertising methods. However, Apple has yet to change the rules regarding external linking or metadata buttons for external payment methods.

The court on Friday noted by iMore noted that Apple had complied with part of the ban, and reiterated that it had already requested that the rest of the order be upheld.

According to Apple, “the immediate implementation of that aspect of the command will undermine the integrity of the iOS ecosystem.”

Apple believes that since the court ruled that Apple’s requirements for users to use in-app purchases to sell digital content were correct, lifting restrictions on in-app messaging would effectively work against it. Removing the limit would “force Apple to make its intellectual property available without compensation, and reduce the security and privacy of customers”.

It further claims that the ban will not be made through a review, as there is no position to secure or execute any orders for Epic Games due to the lack of a developer account and no products in the App Store.

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The post Apple has asked the court to stay part of the ban on the Epic Games case

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