Apple, Google, Mozilla join hands to create a better web-browsing experience


Apple, Google and Mozilla have announced a collaboration, as part of which the three companies will work together towards developing a better web browser benchmark. Dubbed as Speedometer 3, the development platform will be a ‘cross-industry collaborative effort’ from the makers of the Safari, Chrome and Firefox web browsers and will help create a new benchmark that will test how their apps perform when using the latest We do. Technical features and progress.

In a Twitter thread, Mozilla said that Speedometer 3 would be built by multiple companies and that it would focus on building a “shared understanding of what matters”. “We have a lot of ideas on how to make things better. Many require collaboration among site authors, framework builders, browser vendors and standards groups, which require a shared understanding of what matters, the company wrote.

of apple webkitGoogle, the web-engine that powers Safari, said from its official Twitter account that Speedometer 3 will “measure real-world browser performance” on the web. “Working together will help us further improve benchmarks and improve browser performance for our users,” the company said.

While Apple, Google, and Mozilla are working together to create a unified platform to measure the performance of their browsers seems a bit confusing, it would help to create a platform that integrates Apple’s WebKit, Mozilla’s SpiderMonkey will help with Google’s V8 and comparison. chromeBlink Engine. And to keep things fair, the three companies have created a consensus system that takes a more balanced approach to benchmarking web browsers.

For example, a ‘trivial change’ requires approval by a reviewer, who is not the author of the change, from one of the participating browser projects, whereas a ‘non-trivial change’ requires approval by a reviewer, who is not the author of the change, from one of the participating browser projects. Requires approval” by at least two projects (including either authoring or reviewing the change) and no one else strongly opposing the change within 10 business days. On the other hand, “a major change requires consensus, meaning approval by every participating browser project,” governance policies Tell,

That said, Speedometer 3 is still in the early stages of development, and it will take three companies time to fully develop and deploy it.

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