Apple App Store to sell ad space and show more ads on the platform


Apple used to show ads in its App Store earlier, but the tech giant is now increasing the number of ads shown in the app. Previously, these ads only appeared in the Search tab and search results, but now it will let developers pay for displaying ads in the Today tab. Apple has now updated its App Store rules to state that iOS developers use in-app purchases on sales of ‘Boost’ for posts in social media apps, (Apple gets a 30 percent cut).

Apple will show more ads in the App Store

According to the official statement, “Digital purchases for content experienced or consumed in an app, including purchasing ads to display within the same app (such as the sale of “Boost” for posts in a social media app) are in- Must use app for purchases.”

Notably, this is the first time, Apple is charging iOS developers directly for advertising in iOS apps. These apps would include Facebook, Instagram and other apps that charge users to promote their posts in the app.

according to a report of MacRumorsAs of October 25, in countries other than China, Apple will begin selling ad space within its “Today” tab and below individual app listings. These ads will have an icon with a blue background saying “Ad” to differentiate them from other recommendations.

According to the Apple website, “With today’s tab advertising, your app can appear prominently on the front page of the App Store – making it some of the first content that users see when they begin their App Store journey.” Previously, the ads displayed in the Today tab were chosen by the editorial staff of the App Store. This is the first time that developers will run ads in this section.

Along with ads in the Today tab, a “You Might Also Like” section, the Apple App Store will now show ads in a total of four sections.

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