Another OnePlus Nord 2 Indian unit has exploded, the company is investigating the matter

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This is the second OnePlus Nord 2 explosion report coming since its launch last month. Unfortunately, both explosions occurred in India, which is one of the brand’s most important markets. The latest report from a Twitter user Shubham Srivastava reveals that the new OnePlus Nord 2 bought for his father has exploded.

We must mention that a few hours after Srivastava posted the tweet, he deleted his Twitter account and did not even share the picture of the exploded smartphone. Still, OnePlus reported That it has reached Srivastava and is investigating the matter. “Our team has already reached out to users and we are in the process of collecting details for further investigation,” the company said in an official statement.

OnePlus Nord 2 is alleged to have exploded .. but

Srivastava did not post a picture of the exploded OnePlus Nord 2, which raised some doubts about the veracity of the reported explosion. In a tweet (now deleted), Srivastava mentioned that no one was injured in the blast. He said his father was safe and unharmed but the Nord 2 blast left him traumatized.

The first incident of the OnePlus Nord 2 explosion was reported last week, and after investigating the matter, the company cited “external factors and no manufacturing or product problems” as the cause.

Commenting on the previous OnePlus Nord 2 explosion, the smartphone maker said, “Our top priority is the health and safety of our customers. Was caused by an isolated incident involving and not caused by a product or product problem.However, we keep in close contact with this user and offer our assistance in addressing their concerns and ensuring their well-being.We want to assure our customers that our products are different Performs thorough quality and safety tests, including level pressure and impact testing, so that they meet industry-leading standards and are safe to use. “

OnePlus is currently investigating the second Nord 2 explosion. We will update this space after the company releases a detailed official statement on the matter.

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