Another day, another celebrity joins the NFT club, Eminem spent nearly $50,000 on the bored app NFT


Another day, another celebrity is stopping at the NFT club. Iconic rapper Eminem aka Marshall Mathers first jumped into a dazzle with Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) worth $452,000 (123.45 Ether).

The rapper/entrepreneur made the Ethereum-based ape as his profile picture on Twitter. The purchase is said to have been recent and is part of a larger collection owned by the artist.

As of this week, Eminem’s Shady Holding aka Open C owns around 22 NFTs, with the BAYC NFT appearing to be the largest on the list so far, according to reports. If you look closely, the art called “Eminape” resembles the ape wearing the same hat as the singer, which he is seen ‘often wearing’ in photographs and gold chains.

The artwork was sold by BAYC member Gigaza, who cited turning the sale into reality as complete ‘madness’. Apparently, the member had been trying to buy digital artwork from the artist for months. For those unaware, BAYC NFT is owned by some famous celebs, including popular American rapper Post Malone and American TV host Jimmy Fallon.

Image Source: BAYC

BAYC NFTs is a collection of 10,000 unique boredom apps designed by Era Labs. The folks at the popular NFT collection last year announced plans to launch their own Ethereum-based crypto-token earlier this year. Back to the rapper, unlike the city’s popular celebs, Eminem didn’t explicitly mention the transaction on social media, however, a representative for Web3 digital agency Six (via Fortune) said in a tweet that The firm helped buy Eminem. Eminapp.”

According to reports, Eminem has previously invested in physical assets like pop-up Diner Moms Spaghetti and sneaker startup- StockX.

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