Angry Birds Classic Edition Is Leaving The Google Play Store, But There’s A Screw


If you want to download the classic version of Angry Birds on your smartphone, this might be your last chance to do so. Rovio Entertainment, the game developer that offers the full suite of Angry Birds titles, has announced that it will soon be removing the classic version of the game from Google’s Play Store.

The company announced through a tweet that it will be removing the Classic Edition of Angry Birds from the Play Store on February 23. In addition, the game developer announced that it would be renaming the game on Apple’s App Store to ‘Raid First Flight’.

Why is Rovio Entertainment delisting Angry Birds Classic?

Detailing the reason behind this change, Rovio Entertainment said in its post on Twitter, “We have reviewed the business case for Rovio Classic: Angry Birds, and due to the game’s impact on our broader portfolio, we have decided to is that Rovio Classics: Angry Birds will not be delisted from the Google Play Store on Thursday, February 23.

“Additionally, the game will be renamed Red’s First Flight in the App Store,” the company said.

As of now, Rovio Classics: Angry Birds is available on the Google Play Store in India for a price of Rs 95. However, the game is free of micro-transactions and hence is a good option for fans who do not want to spend a lot on the game. Compared to other free-to-play Angry Birds games such as Angry Birds Blast, Angry Birds Pop Bubble Shooter, Angry Birds Evolution 2023, Angry Birds Friends, Angry Birds 2, Angry Birds, this is not a very viable revenue source for the company. Birds Journey, Angry Birds Dream Blast and Angry Birds Blast among others, which generate a lot of revenue through in-game transactions.

Making the game unavailable on the Play Store would prompt fans to migrate to other Angry Birds games, which would in turn help the company generate significant revenue. However, it is unclear why Rovio did not rename the game on the Play Store, as it did in the case of the App Store, as this would make it difficult for fans to find the game unless they knew exactly what it was. what are they looking for. For.

What happens to games that have already been downloaded?

Rovio has clarified that the game will remain playable on devices it has already been downloaded to, even if it has been removed. This means that if you’ve already downloaded the game or downloaded the game today, you’ll still be able to play it on your Android devices long after it’s disappeared from the Play Store.

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