Android users may soon see a Made-in-India alternative to the Google Play Store


Android users mostly use the Google Play Store to download apps on their smartphones. The Google Play Store is a great tool for users because of the security it offers and the number of apps (across genres), but that may not always be true for developers who have to pay a whopping 30 percent commission to the tech giant. Does matter. For purchases made within their apps. This has been a pain point for app developers, many of whom have accused the company of abusing its dominant position in the market. But now it seems that Google’s monopoly in India is about to break. According to a report in TechCrunch, PhonePe is developing its own Play Store for Android users in India.

The App Store, designed to offer hyper-local services based on customer context, aims to assist developers with “high-quality” user acquisition through multilingual solutions, according to an internal company document reviewed by the publication. .

Last year, PhonePe acquired Bengaluru-based IndusOS, an app store maker that served customers through partnerships with smartphone vendors. The report states that PhonePe is planning to strengthen its association with smartphone OEMs including firms such as Xiaomi.

The document states that PhonePe’s App Store will provide a “premiere experience for millions of users with high-quality ads and custom targeting” for 12 languages ​​and 24×7 live chat.

Currently, PhonePe offers a mini app store within its PhonePe app from where users can access a variety of other apps and services. A senior developer at the Walmart-backed company said that building an app store has been one of the focuses for PhonePe for a long time. reports by publication.

A spokesperson for PhonePe said it has an opportunity to challenge the dominance of Google’s App Store and aims to do so by creating an alternative app store that works “not just from a language perspective but from a search and consumer interest perspective”. is even more localized.”

The development comes shortly after the Competition Commission of India on October 20, 2022 imposed a fine of Rs 1,337 crore on Google for abusing its dominant position. As TechCrunch reports, PhonePe confirmed that it is in multiple talks with phone makers in India and said that “everybody has been very receptive, especially since the CCI clarified that Google was engaging in anti-competitive practices”. Not possible.”

After the CCI order and all the tough measures being taken against the tech giant’s dominance across the world, it will be easier for PhonePe to enter the App Store market, but how users will react to it remains to be seen.

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