Android OS dominates market share but iOS registers growth


Google’s Android operating system remains the most used operating system (OS) in the world, that too by a large margin. Although Apple’s iOS is moving up to its competition and over the past four years, the growth has been substantial. A new study has emerged that claims that 7 out of 10 phones today run on Android OS, while two out of three are most likely to be powered by iOS.

While the numbers may clearly seem in Android’s favor, the story is not what it seems. Android is losing market share while iOS is growing. According to a report published by StockApps, Android’s global dominance in the OS space is slowly waning. It had a worldwide market share of 69.74% in January 2022. In contrast, the OS garnered a market share of 77.32 percent, the highest ever in July 2018. This shows a decline of only 7.58% in the last five years.

Why is Android’s market share falling?

Apple is still quite expensive in most non-US and non-European countries. However, they are introducing new phones in the segment less than the premium flagship range. The iPhone SE series is one of them.

According to StockApp’s expert, “Android’s loss of market share boils down to increased competition within the OS space. A look at the data shows that iOS grew by 6% between July 2018 and January 2022.” From 19.4% then, Apple has increased its OS market share to 25.49%. Other small-scale OS developers account for the remaining 1.58% shed by Google.

Despite the development of iOS, the expert believes that the command of Android is not in danger. It claimed that Android’s open-source nature and affordability have made it beloved by the public worldwide. She goes on to say that Google has made an impenetrable gap and that Apple and the rest will have to do something extraordinary to reverse it.

OS dominance by region

in Asia and South America, Android dominates at 81 and 90 percent respectively. Here the share of iOS is 18% in Asia and 10% in South America. Other OS developers share less than one percent of the phone market on both continents.

in Europe, where the market share of Android OS is 69.32%. iOS accounts for 30% of all phones. Again Samsung, Nokia and other developers compete with 1% of the market.

in Africa84% of all smartphones are android-based. iOS accounts for about 14% of the continent’s devices, while Samsung, Nokia and KaiOS share the remaining two percent or so.

North America and Oceania iOS’ strong grounds are. iOS accounts for 54% of the market in both regions, while Android takes about 45%.

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