Android 13 will warn you about apps with excessive background battery usage


Google has released the second developer preview of its Android 13 operating system. The DP2 includes several new features such as notification permissions and support for Bluetooth LE audio, which will be available to users when the company officially releases the Android 12 successor to users. Apart from this, the second developer preview of the Android 13 operating system also introduces a feature that will warn users if an app is consuming too much battery in the background.

As Google notes in one of its Android developer pages, ‘Android 13 introduces a system notification that appears when your app consumes a significant amount of the device’s battery during a 24-hour period.’ “If the system detects high battery usage from your app while the app is displaying a notification that is connected to one of the foreground services, the system waits until the user dismisses the notification, or The service is terminated, and only shows the notification when your app continues to consume a large amount of device battery,” says the company.

Simply put, if Android 13 detects that an app is consuming a large amount of battery in the background in 24 hours, it warns users about it. Once it shows this notification for an app, it invites users to interact with the Foreground Service (FGS) task manager to fix the problem. Users can either take necessary action or dismiss the notification. Once the notification is dismissed by the user, it will not show the notification until at least 24 hours later.

However, Google has made some exceptions for apps and situation that need to keep running in the background. System apps and system-bound apps, companion device apps, apps running on the device in demo mode, device owner apps, profile owner apps, persistent apps, VPN apps, apps with the ROLE_DIALER role, and PPs that the user has explicitly specified Provide “unrestricted” functionality in system settings.

Google has been constantly working to improve the battery life of devices over the past several iterations of its Android OS. The company introduced a similar warning with the roll out of Android 8 Oreo. However, notifications are less obtrusive in the case of Android 13 as they appear only once in 24 hours.

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