Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa to help astronauts on the Moon


No other astronaut has walked on the Moon since Gene Cernan in 1972. Now NASA is again gearing up to send a manned mission to the Moon. Under this mission, the first woman on earth will land on the moon. Prior to this, between 1969 and 1972, NASA had sent several Apollo missions to the moon.

Now in a series of new developments, Amazon and the Lockheed Martin company have announced plans to send Alexa into space in the ‘Artemis 1’ mission. According to the information, Alexa will be used in NASA’s Orion spacecraft. It will answer mission-related questions by accessing real-time telemetry data.

Also Alexa will complete all the tasks inside the spacecraft. The cabin lights will also control other connected equipment and carry out astronaut-related tasks upon request. Apart from this, virtual assistant technology will get all kinds of information using NASA’s Deep Space Network.

The ‘Artemis 1’ mission will be special in many ways. The famous character ‘Snoopy’ from the comic strip ‘Peanuts’ will also be a part of this mission.

Scientists will not only benefit from being a part of Alexa’s Artemis 1 mission. Users of devices that support Alexa will also be able to access mission-related information.

To recall, in December 2021, NASA once again extended the scheduled launch of its moon mission Artemis 1 by a month. The space agency delayed the scheduled launch due to problems with the Integrated Test Program and now plans to launch in March and April 2022.

The special feature of this mission is that NASA astronauts will not return after spending just a few hours on the lunar surface, but they are going to stay there for a long time by building a lunar base. During this, the astronauts will study the lunar surface closely. NASA plans to do mining on the Moon as well.

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