Amazon will cut 9,000 jobs in second round of layoffs, says report


Amazon has announced layoffs of another 9,000 employees across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Twitch, advertising and HR. In a memo, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said that as the company concluded the second phase of its operational plan (“OP2”) last week, “I’m writing to share that we will be adding approximately 9,000 employees over the next few weeks.” And intend to eliminate positions. week a” mostly in AWS, PXT, AdWords and Twitch”.

“This was a difficult decision, but one we feel is best for the company long term,” he said. Amazon initially eliminated 18,000 positions in January and “we completed the second phase of our plan this month, leading us to cut these additional 9,000 roles”.

Jesse said that although “you will see limited hiring in some of our businesses in strategic areas where we have prioritized allocating more resources”.

Recently, Meta announced that it is cutting 10,000 more jobs from its company. While most of these job cuts will happen in the coming two months, others will happen throughout the year. In addition, the company also said that it will close an additional 5,000 open roles for which the company has not yet hired.

The layoffs will be accompanied by a significant change in the company’s work structure, which will include streamlining various divisions, canceling low-priority projects, and reducing hiring rates. Meta also said it plans to further reduce its recruiting team and the number of its international teams sitting outside the United States.

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