Amazon to shut down its Helo health division, will lay off employees in 2023


Amazon plans to shut down its Hello Health division by July 31, 2023. The company will also lay off Helo employees and issue refunds to members.

In a blog post published earlier this week, Amazon announced its plans to shut down Halo. The company said it has informed its employees and is sending emails to members.

“We have recently made the very difficult decision to discontinue support of Amazon Halo effective July 31, 2023. We’re incredibly proud of the invention and hard work we put into building Halo on behalf of our customers, and our priorities are taking care of our customers and supporting our employees., amazon said,

The Jeff Bezos-owned company also announced a package for affected employees that includes a severance pay, transitional health insurance benefits and external job placement support.

Amazon said in an email sent to Helo members,At Amazon, we think big, experiment and invest in innovative ideas like Amazon Hello in our efforts to delight customers. While we are proud of our creation, we recently made the difficult decision to end support of Amazon Halo effective July 31, 2023.,

So, if you’re one of the Amazon Halo members, here’s how things will change for you:

Starting August 1, Amazon Halo devices and the Amazon Halo app will stop working. You can download or delete data in the Helo app from the Settings app. In addition, you can save the scanned images to your phone’s camera roll. To do this, open the individual scanned image, click the button next to the camera icon, and select “Save images to phone.”

The company will delete the remaining Hello Health data after August 1, 2023. However, no deadline has been mentioned in it.

If you made any Amazon Halo View, Amazon Halo Band, Amazon Halo Rise, and Amazon Halo Accessory Band purchases within the past 12 months, Amazon will issue a full refund. In addition, any unused prepaid Hello subscription fee will be refunded to the original payment method.

For those who are already paid subscribers, they will no longer be charged the monthly subscription fee and do not need to take any additional steps.

Amazon Halo members can recycle their Halo devices and accessories through the Amazon Recycling Program.

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