Amazon Prime Gaming launched in India at no additional cost to subscribers


Amazon has quietly launched its Prime gaming service in India, days after testing it. Prime Gaming is another service that is now available to Amazon Prime members in India at no extra cost, as are Prime Reading, Prime Video and Prime Music. Subscribers get access to a multitude of free games on a variety of devices without paying anything extra.

Some of the exciting titles available in India at the time of writing include FIFA 23, Apex Legends, Call of Duty Season 1, Deathloop and League of Legends. Amazon will be adding more games to the service every month, along with in-game loot, but the current lineup is interesting enough to attract users who should ideally already be motivated enough to pay more for it than they normally would. Payment is not required. Prime Membership.

Amazon says that Prime Gaming subscribers will be able to level up with tons of weapons, characters, skins, boosts, upgrades, and more every month without paying anything extra. However, these additional items will be available for a limited time. If you don’t claim them, they’ll lapse. Games available in the subscription will also be available for download on PC.

To claim the game and associated bonuses, you must be logged into the game’s respective game store such as Epic Store, Activision and Rockstar Games, and link your Amazon account to your store account for easy data transfer.

While most games can be claimed as part of the Amazon Prime gaming service, some AAA titles such as Red Dead Online, GTA:V, and Battlefield 2042 will have to be purchased separately and are not included in the subscription. Amazon Prime Gaming will unlock characters, skins, and other bonuses for these games only.

Amazon Prime membership costs Rs 1,499 annually in India. Subscribers get free same-day and one-day delivery on Amazon Shopping, access to high-quality music on Amazon Music, free eBooks on Amazon Prime Reading, and access to a huge catalog of movies and shows on Prime Video.

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