Amazon Kids+ subscription service launches its first mobile game


Amazon has announced that it is bringing two mobile games to its subscription-based entertainment platform for kids ‘Amazon Kids+’. The first game, Super Spy Ryan, is a multiplayer game based on the children’s TV show Ryan’s World. Another mobile game, Do, Re & Mi, is a music education game designed for pre-school kids.

Developed in collaboration with the teams from The Kaji Family, Ryan World, PW Games and Ember Studio, Super Spy Ryan takes everything from the original special of the same name to kids Amazon Kids+ and a multi-player format for kids between six and six. brings in. up to the age of nine. In the game, players compete to find out who can save the most stolen birthday presents from the evil Packrat’s Lair.

“We have always wanted to bring joy and fun to the homes and lives of millions of families. So, two years ago, we started looking at how we could reach even more kids and bring the magic and thoughtfulness of Amazon Kids+ original content to mobile phones,” said Natasha Lipovak, global head of Amazon Kids+ content he said.

“Super Spy Ryan & Do, Ray & Mi represent some of our most popular Amazon Kids+ content. We hope to add smiles and laughter to both kids and adults alike with this first look at a new kind of fun coming from the Amazon Kids+ mobile games team. ,

Super Spy Ryan aims to provide a profound multiplayer experience with the safety of children in mind – there are no friend lists or chat features, and all players have anonymous spy-themed usernames. Parents and Guardians can also put the game into “single player mode”, so players compete only against computer-controlled players. There’s also a kid-safe “Party Mode” where players on the same Wi-Fi network can play together if they share a super-secret special code.

The Do, Re and Mi mobile game is developed in collaboration with the team behind the Amazon Kids+ Original Series Do, Re & Mi on About Fun and Prime Video. Contributors to the game include stars from the show like Kristen Bell and Jackie Tohanz who helped adapt the hit series into a music education game designed for preschoolers ages 3-5.

They were involved in helping shape everything from a selection of activities to the specific music education curriculum included in “Music Maestro” lessons, hoping to inspire a new generation of musicians and songwriters.

The game features a variety of activities that teach kids how to play songs on the piano or bongo, learn the basics of reading sheet music, and teach fun musical concepts like solos and duets. The company claims that kids can “produce” their own music in the studio by mixing different instrumental loops and recording them playing the instruments in the game.

Amazon says this is just the beginning for Amazon Kids+ mobile games, and later this year, it will introduce even more new content for kids and families to enjoy.

In terms of availability, Super Spy Ryan is available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play in the US, UK and Ireland. It will soon be available in Canada, Germany and Japan. Amazon says the game will soon be available on Amazon Fire Tablets with Amazon Kids+ subscriptions. On the other hand, Do, Re & Mi will be available on the App Store in the US, UK, Canada and Ireland. Amazon says that both the games will soon be available on Amazon Fire tablets via Amazon Kids+ subscription.

Its first mobile games since the launch of the Amazon Kids+ subscription service first appeared on BGR India.

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