Amazon drug case: MP has lodged a complaint against top police officials in a cannabis smuggling case

Amazon drug case: MP police charges top executives over marijuana smuggling case

Last week, Madhya Pradesh police arrested two people for smuggling 20kg of cannabis using the Amazon India platform. The smugglers used the e-commerce platform to smuggle the drug into the South Asian market.

In the latest update, MP police have indicted top officials of Amazon India under the country’s drug laws. The MP did not disclose how many executives the police had charged but said they had found contradictions in the response submitted by the company.

Amazon Drug Case Details

Last week, Amazon India said in an official statement that it was cooperating with authorities in the investigation.

In contrast, Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra has said that Amazon is not cooperating in the investigation. Mishra has expressed concern over the alleged misuse of e-commerce platforms to sell illegal products.

Mishra said in an official statement that “Amazon was called but they are not cooperating. We will bring them. I am appealing to the MD-CEO of Amazon to cooperate, otherwise we will take action. ”

Amazon’s comments on the subject

Commenting on the ongoing drug smuggling case, a spokesperson for Amazon India told TechCrunch that it had “high barriers to consent and must comply with all applicable laws in order for our sellers to sell their products on” And we don’t allow sales. ”

The spokesman added: “If sellers list such products, as an intermediary, we take strict action as required under the law when it is highlighted to us. The problem has been reported to us and we are currently investigating. We are investigating authorities and law enforcement We assure the agencies of the full cooperation and assistance required for the ongoing investigation and ensure full compliance with applicable law. ”

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