All Windows 11 Versions Will Soon Need Internet To Setup: How Will It Affect You?


Windows 11 has been around for six months now and since its launch the Pro version does not require an active internet connection to operate. The operating system required an Internet connection for the Home edition. This is changing as the company is now saying that Windows 11 Pro users will also need an internet connection to set up the device.

As of the latest Windows 11 preview build, Microsoft claims that the Pro version of the operating system will now also require an active Internet connection when setting up the device for the first time. The company also claims that you can “expect to require a Microsoft account” in the future.

Note, internet connectivity is only required for the setup, after which users can continue to use the device as per their wish and choice.

The company has not revealed when this update will be rolled out to the actual live version of Windows 11. However, it is likely to be rolled out within H1 2022.

While the decision will help Microsoft reduce piracy and security loopholes, it is also expected to negatively impact users in parts of the world without reliable internet, and for IT professionals who Prefer to have complete control over the devices deployed on their user base. Windows 11 Home already requires an internet connection to setup, which is a major issue for users in any of the above situations. And now with the restrictions applied to the Pro version as well, it reduces the appeal of the operating system.

Apart from cutting down on piracy, the move will also give Microsoft access to more data. However, this will come at the cost of convenience for the users, considering that they will have to go through a tedious sign-in process every time to get their machine setup.

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