All iPhone 14 models will get 120Hz display, 6GB RAM


The iPhone 13 launch has happened only a few months back and there are rumors doing the rounds about the new iPhone 14 model. Apple will launch the new line-up during the fall this year. A new set of information has now revealed that Apple will not skimp on the display of the iPhone 14 this year. According to an analyst Haitong International Securities (via MacRumors), all four models will come with 120Hz promotion display.

Promotion display in iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro models

Analyst Jeff Pu has revealed that Apple may be narrowing the gap between the two iPhone Pro and non-Pro models. Apple is expected to launch iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models this year. ‘Mini’ is likely to be discontinued due to unsatisfactory demand. According to Pu, all four models coming this year will have a 120Hz promotion display. In the iPhone 13 series, only Pro models have got this feature.

RAM Options on iPhone 14

Apart from the display resolution, Pu claims that Apple will bring the RAM on the non-Pro models up to the mark of the Pro models. The phone will no longer have two RAM options, instead, Apple could go for a 6GB RAM option on both the Pro and non-Pro models.

Earlier, the same analyst had claimed that the Pro models could pack up to 8GB of RAM. However, they claim that “supply chain checks” have been done and now they may have to go for the 6GB variant in case of all models.

Other major leaks have revealed that Apple may increase the camera resolution on the new iPhone 14 Pro model to 48MP. Pu claims that the Pro storage will now start at 256GB instead of 128GB. However, they also claim that the non-Pro models will start with 64GB of storage, which is highly unlikely as the current generation iPhone 13 models also start with 128GB of internal storage.

After all iPhone 14 models to get 120Hz display, 6GB RAM, appeared on BGR India.

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