Alexa app allows music to be moved between speakers without voice commands


Amazon introduced a new feature to the Alexa mobile app in a recent update, allowing users to manage and move their music between Echo devices (or groups of multiple speakers) from within the app itself. Previously, users were required to use voice commands to perform some of those tasks, reports The Verge.

Users can also play audio in Echo Show and Fire TV devices through the Alexa app. The current Echo speaker lineup from Amazon includes the standard Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Dot with Clock, Echo Studio, and the optional Echo Sub Subwoofer. Apart from this, the tech giant has also developed a new overview screen for the Alexa app, which it calls “Active Media List”.

As per the report, it is accessible whenever audio is playing on the user’s system and displays what is playing as well as allows them to control multiple products from the same list. Last month, Amazon and Disney teamed up to launch the ‘Hey Disney!’ Launched a new voice assistant called, which was shown with a live demonstration at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023.

The “first of its kind” voice assistant will give customers access to “a wide range of Disney Magic experiences through Echo devices at home and as a complimentary service at select Disney Resorts hotels,” Amazon said in a blogpost.

Meanwhile, Amazon revealed the top questions Indian users asked Alexa last year. From the founder of Twitter to the price of bitcoin, users in the country sought information on global hot topics through a cloud-based voice service.

Many users were extremely curious about Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s personal life and turned to Alexa to know more about the actor’s romantic relationships, wedding plans and other details, including – “Alexa, ask Salman Khan Who’s the girlfriend?” (“Alexa, who is Salman Khan’s girlfriend?”) and “Alexa, when will Salman Khan get married?” (“Alexa, when will Salman Khan get married?”).

“Over the past five years, Alexa has become an integral part of Indian households and has always delighted customers with her clever jokes and amusing responses,” Amazon said in a statement.

“In 2022 as well, Indian users will turn to Alexa to satiate their curiosity about the year’s trending topics, celebrities, festivals, sports and other unique questions.”

Users were interested in trivia and global events, and often turned to Alexa to increase their knowledge. “Alexa, how tall is the Burj Khalifa?” and “Alexa, who is the tallest man on Earth?” were among the top knowledgeable questions users asked the voice service last year. Indian users were also curious to know about some of the hottest public figures, asking “Alexa, how old is Alia Bhatt?”, “Alexa, how old is Kendall Jenner?” and many more.

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