Airtel Rs Rs Plan vs Geophone Rs5 Prepaid Plan: Which one pays better?

Airtel Rs 79 plan vs JioPhone Rs 75 prepaid plan compared

Airtel recently revised its budget plan portfolio, discontinued the Rs 49 entry-level prepaid plan and replaced it with a Rs 79 smart recharge. Under the new plan, the company offers customers four times more outgoing minutes with double data. Here we will see how Airtel’s Rs 79 prepaid plan compares with Reliance Jio’s Rs 75 Geophone plan.

Airtel Rs 79 prepaid plan vs Geophone Rs 75 prepaid plan

Features Airtel prepaid plan of Rs Reliance Jio JioPhone 75 Taka Plan
Price 79 rupees 75 rupees
Talk time 64 rupees Unlimited
Tariff 1 paisa / second Unlimited
Data 200 MB 100MB + 200MB per day
Validity 28 days 28 days
SMS N / A 50 SMS
Free Apps N / A Geo Apps
Buy one and get one for free N / A 1 extra month free

Airtel prepaid plan of Rs 79

Under the Rs 79 plan, Airtel offers its customers 1 paisa per second with talktime priced at Rs 64. The company provides users with 200MB of data for a period of 28 days.

Reliance Jio JioPhone 75 Taka Prepaid Plan

The JioPhone 75 Taka plan is only valid for JioPhone users and other Jio users cannot use it. This plan currently comes with a purchase Get a free pack with a 28 day validity and 56 days validity. It offers unlimited calls, 50 free SMS, 100MB daily data and an additional 200MB data. In addition to all these benefits, the plan includes admirable access to the suite of Reliance Jio’s online apps.

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