Airtel launches new postpaid plans with more data, refreshes family postpaid plans

Airtel introduces new postpaid plans with more data, refreshes Family postpaid plans too

To provide more data and other benefits to the people, popular telecom operator Airtel has launched a new corporate postpaid plan in India. These plans are here to meet the needs of the current customer involved in the use of high-speed data.

In addition, Airtel has refreshed family postpaid plans to get more data and benefits for connected members. See what the new plans offer here

New Airtel corporate postpaid plan

The list of new Airtel postpaid plans starts at Rs 299 and goes up to Rs 1,599. The Rs 299 plan provides users with access to 30 GB of data, unlimited calls and Airtel Call Manager business tools. The plan includes other services such as Wink Music, Artel Extreme Premium and a one-year Shaw Academy subscription.

The Rs 349 plan offers 40GB of data. The other benefits are the same as the Rs 299 plan.

There is also a Rs 399 plan that provides users with 60 GB of data. This includes unlimited calling and access to a number of business tools such as Tracemate, Google Workspace and Airtel Call Manager. This plan includes free Wink Music Premium, Airtel Extreme Premium. Shaw Academy subscription, one year Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription for one year, VIP service and Airtel Secure.

The Rs 499 and Rs 1,599 plans come with the same features as the Rs 399 plan, the former gets 100GB of data and then comes 500GB of data.

All plans come with a 30 day period.

New family postpaid plans

These include Airtel’s new retail postpaid plans. This includes the Rs 399 plan which comes with 40GB of data, unlimited calls and access to Wink Music, Airtel Extreme, Shaw Academy (1 year) and Free Helotunes.

The Rs 499 postpaid plan offers 75GB of data and unlimited calls. There is also 1 year free access to Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar VIP and Shaw Academy. The pack also bundles Wink Music Premium, Airtel Extreme Premium and Airtel Secure.

With the Rs 999 plan, users can add up to 2 members to the plan. It offers 210 GB of data (150 GB for main user, 30 GB for second member, 30 GB for third member), unlimited calls and additional benefits like Rs 499 plan.

There is an equal benefit of Rs 999 excluding data of Rs 1,599. It lets you add up to 1 additional member and provides unlimited data and an IR pack. There is also a Rs 299 add-on pack that offers the same benefits as the 30GB data, unlimited calls and Rs 399 pack.

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