A big change is happening to Google Docs, Sheets and other workspace apps: Check the details


Google has released a major update to its workspace apps. This new update not only brings company content designed by you to the workspace app, which returns to the workspace mobile app in 2021, but it also brings a number of new features specifically for Google Docs and Google Sheets .

As part of this transformation, the company is simplifying the user interface on top of documents, spreadsheets and slides. In addition, it’s updating the grouping in the toolbar to help users find frequently used actions faster. Additionally, it visually updates the ruler and comments to create more space for users’ content, and hides the companion bar on the side of the canvas.

As far as availability is concerned, Google said that these updates will be generally available in the coming weeks.

What’s new in Google Docs

Coming to the specifics, Google said that it is adding a stopwatch chip for google docs. This new chip can track the time taken to complete an activity, which will actually help users to complete tasks on time. In a detailed blog post, the company said that when the stopwatch chip is installed, users can start, stop, and reset the timer as needed.

the company has updated it new calendar invitation template Makes it easy for users to collaborate with their team on an event invitation before it’s sent. Google says users will now be able to draft calendar invites in Docs by accessing “Calendar Drafts” under Building Blocks.

In addition the company is also offering emoji voting chips In Google Docs, that enables teams to express themselves and quickly find alignment in the doc they’re collaborating on. Users can also interact with the emoji by typing ‘@-voting chip’ to enter an emoji of their choice.

Additionally, bringing support to the company third-party smart chip, This will enable users to get interactive information and previews from applications such as Atlassian, Asana, Figma, Miro, Tableau and Zendesk.

All of these features will be coming to Google Docs in the coming weeks.

What’s new in Google Sheets

Google has also announced several new smart chips for Google Sheets. First company introducing put chips in sheets. Google says users can directly open a location in Google Maps and see a preview of the location or get directions when the Google Maps location chip is added to a sheet.

Google is also offering finance chips In Google Sheets, which will enable users to add Google financial entities, such as stocks, mutual funds, and currencies, to a sheet. Depending on the unit type, users can hover over the chip to preview the information. On the other hand, on clicking the chip, they will be taken to the dedicated finance page of the entity.

Google also said that it is bringing extended date capabilities Which will enable users to more easily add dates to their sheets using the ‘@’ insertion point with shortcuts such as @today, @yesterday, @tomorrow, and @date. The company says that clicking on a date will display a date picker that allows users to update dates as needed.

Another feature that Google is bringing to Google Sheets is smart chip data extraction which allows users to enrich Sheets with information about people, files, and events. This feature will be generally available in the coming weeks.

Finally, the company is bringing install smart chips For Google Sheets that will let users bring relevant locations into Sheets for streamlined management of project deliverables. With it, users will be able to easily preview Google Maps links directly in Sheets for things like tracking logistics or event planning. “And new date shortcuts—like @today, @yesterday, @tomorrow, and @date—simplify managing deadlines. Both features are generally available today,” the company wrote in a blog post.

What’s new in Google Drive

Finally, coming to Google Drive, Google said that it is enhancing Drive to help users complete their most frequent tasks more quickly. For example, it’s making it easy to share, download, and delete multiple files at once. The company will also surface important actions like share, download and edit in-line when users hover over a file. Additionally, the company is also launching search chips that will let users help you find files faster based on criteria such as file type, owner, and last modified date. Talking about the availability, Google said that these updates will be generally available in the coming weeks.


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