5G smartphone sales ahead of 4G phones for the first time, China leads


It has been a long time since the first 5G smartphones were launched. While the network in India is still poor, many smartphones come with 5G ready technology. A new report claims that for the first time, 5G smartphone sales have surpassed 4G smartphone sales. Counterpoint Research has released a study which claims that 5G smartphone sales have reached 51% globally in the month of January 2022.

according to report goodChina, North America and Western Europe were the biggest drivers of this growth. China is the leader in 5G penetration in the world. 5G in the country. has 84 percent penetration Smartphones In January. Counterpoint claims that this new push for 5G comes from Chinese telecom operators, combined with the readiness of OEMs to supply competitively priced 5G smartphones to consumers.

5G smartphone penetration in North America and Western Europe reached 73 percent and 76 percent, respectively. Apple released its first 5G device in late 2020 with the iPhone 12 series. The launch of 5G iPhones has led to an increase in sales of 5G devices in North America and Western Europe. North America and Western Europe recorded sales share of more than 50 percent and 30 percent respectively.

Counterpoint claims that these regions are expected to continue to contribute significantly to 5G sales globally, as there is a high and continued demand for 5G upgrades within the iOS user base, even without offering competing specs. This demand is also fueled by iPhone users who are ready for new devices after years of keeping their old iPhones. Many iOS loyalists have also been moving to the current generation of the iPhone 13 series this entire year.

Coming to Android, affordable 5G-capable chips by MediaTek and Qualcomm have expanded 5G into the Android ecosystem. Android 5G smartphones have now entered the mid-to-high ($250-$400) price segment. Over time, more and more affordable Android devices will come with 5G-capable chipsets. Counterpoint claims it’s dropping to the $150-$250 price range, contributing to a fifth of 5G sales in January.

The Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Latin America regions still rely on 4G for mobile data connections. Counterpoint claims that these will be the next focus areas for OEMs to increase 5G penetration. The 5G models in the under $150 segment are the best places to go for these areas. Low-end 5G SoCs currently cost around $20 plus. The report claims that once it falls below $20, there will be more 5G smartphones in the budget segment.

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